Boost Liquidity with Receivables Financing Options

Over the past decade, supply chains’ liquidity has been pushed to the brink. With the unabating spread of COVID-19 coupled with lengthening payment terms, political headwinds, and onerous banking regulations, many suppliers could be pushed over the edge. Considering these circumstances, retailers and Bamboo Rose have realized the need for innovation to provide fast, easy, and affordable financing options for businesses trying to weather the current economic storm.


In this webinar, Raistone Capital CEO, Dave Skirzenski, and Bamboo Rose CCO, Chirag Patel, will discuss the options, benefits, and emerging trends required to complement traditional Supply Chain and Accounts Receivable Financing. They’ll use real-life case studies to emphasize step-by-step how organizations can quickly unlock essential cash to meet their supply chain’s growing need for working capital.


Key webinar takeaways include:
• Pre-pandemic impact on supply chains
• Current COVID-19 impact on supply chains
• How data-driven platforms such as Bamboo Rose can enhance supplier financing
• Top financial considerations for retailers as they start to re-open
• Step-by-step instructions to enable fast, easy financing at attractive rates

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