Next-Gen Sourcing Strategies for Retailers & Brands

With inflation at its highest rate in decades and geopolitical conflict destabilizing traditional buying markets, sourcing leaders need to be able to stand up suppliers in new geographies, maintain access to supply, and manage unexpected costs. These tasks are impossible without real-time visibility into constraints like raw material availability, factory capacity, production timelines, logistics milestones, and the estimated landed cost of goods.


In our on-demand webinar, Bamboo Rose business leaders will discuss key next-gen sourcing concepts like:


  • Strategies to define, control, and manage product costs based on Bamboo Rose’s maturity framework
  • Aligning market demand to material, production, and logistics constraints to meet in-market dates
  • Finding a balance between emergent ESG requirements and core business KPIs
  • Purchasing approaches that lock in order commitments while providing flexibility to shifting consumer demand

Join Bamboo Rose President, Chirag Patel, and SVP of Customer Success, Luke Matthews, as they take decades of experience working with the world’s largest retailers and provide guidance to inform more accurate, agile approaches to product development, sourcing, and costing.

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