Webinar: From Farm to Shelf – Food & Formulation

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Did you know ten percent of American adults prefer eco-friendly food and beverages? Nine percent also consider environmental impact a determining factor in food and beverage purchases. Even more interesting: brands with sustainable and/or environmental claims are four times more likely to outperform those without. Bottom line, when it comes to food products, quick new product development and reformulation is key to drive brand differentiation. Providing consumers with high-quality, transparently sourced food is critical to improving sales, boosting margins, and beating out the competition.


In this webinar, learn how the Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform can help support food ideation, product development, traceability, quality control, regulatory compliance, and all-around supply chain management. Get industry insights on food supply chain strategy, best practices, and how a multi-enterprise approach can help introduce compelling brand differentiation for your food products.