The Retail Industry’s Only Multi-Enterprise Platform

As the only multi-enterprise platform for the retail industry, we see social, and governance (ESG) initiatives driving the next revolution in retail. As consumers, regulatory bodies, and governments increase pressure on businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and ethical labor practices, it’s critical that retailers effectively, profitably, and efficiently integrate ESG into their broader sourcing and supply chain strategies.


In this white paper, Bamboo Rose outlines how retailers can leverage proven technologies and collaborative strategies to establish ESG as a core competency for growth, achieve quantifiable business value through ESG initiatives, and find the metrics to track and report on ESG initiatives and interface with the board on these topics.


Bamboo Rose is the industry-leading Multi-Enterprise Product and Supply Chain Platform, connecting the entire retail community and helping companies bring great products to market faster, more efficiently and at higher margins. Our platform features a suite of patented supply chain solutions, including Bamboo Rose Marketplace, Product Lifecycle Management, Sourcing, Purchase Order Management, Global Trade Management, and Financing, each one supported by intelligent engines for optimization, costing, and scheduling across the platform.

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