Successful Omnichannel Strategies Are Built On the First 10K Miles of the Supply Chain

Online retail sales jumped 40% from 2019 to 2020 amidst significant supply chain disruption, marking a permanent shift in consumer buying behavior at a time when global supply chains are strained and slow. Now, many retailers are realizing their supply chain operations are not flexible or resilient enough to support omnichannel fulfillment. As customer expectations around direct-to-consumer (DTC) delivery become table stakes, even ecommerce-native retailers have struggled to turn a profit.


In our white paper, “Successful Omnichannel Strategies Are Built on the First 10,000 Miles of the Supply Chain,” we identify the top industry challenges facing retailers in the omnichannel era of retail and provide guidance on the processes, skills, technologies, and execution strategies that will drive growth, competitive differentiation, and profitability.


Bamboo Rose & Columbus Consulting provide recommendations for:

    • Digitizing supply chain processes for more agile and responsive operations
    • Streamlining product development to compress the concept to market cycle
    • Enabling true supply chain visibility to manage disruption
    • Implementing a phased approach to production decisions to account for evolving demand signals
    • Connecting sourcing and supply chain strategies with omnichannel outcomes

Download the white paper to learn how you can balance revenue growth and risk to overcome this new paradigm of supply chain disruption.


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