Gartner: The Journey to Responsible Sourcing: Key Elements to Consider 

Responsible sourcing is still an emerging corporate capability, so it’s not surprising that enterprise initiatives take up a wide variety of strategies and approaches. In this Gartner research, per our understanding, industry analysts leverage a responsible sourcing framework to outline the typical steps they’ve seen clients take to evolve from basic adherence to regulatory requirements to an approach that focuses on restoration through reduced environmental impact.


Key recommendations for sourcing supply chain stakeholders as per our understanding from the Gartner report: 


  • Choose a compliance-based program or extend the focus of existing initiatives to include sustainability. Start by meeting basic regulatory compliance requirements and work up to supplier sustainability.
  • Incorporate responsible sourcing into the entire supplier lifecycle to ensure these activities are part of the procurement decision-making process and influence how supplier relationships are contracted, managed, and phased out.
  • Involve third-party organizations including NGOs, membership organizations, and category-focused groups in responsible sourcing activities to maximize their effectiveness.

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Gartner, The Journey to Responsible Sourcing: Key Elements to Consider, Sarah Watt, Miguel Cossio, 22 January 2021
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