Gartner’s Disruption Management Survey

Uncover the key differentiators between an agile and a fragile supply chain with Gartner’s latest disruption management survey. Fragile supply chains are built around short-term survival, while agile supply chains view disruption as opportunities to improve the value they provide to their business. In this new survey, Gartner outlines the four categories of supply chains according to their ability to respond to disruption and provides recommendations for improving resiliency.


“For fit supply chains, the most impactful disruptions are those that involve broader fundamental shifts in the context in which the supply chain operates. By contrast, fragile supply chains find operationally focused disruptions – demand and supply shifts – to be the most impactful.”


To learn more about how supply chain leaders can strengthen and transform their business, download a complimentary copy of the Gartner survey.


Gartner’s Disruption Management Survey Reveals What Differentiates Fit From Fragile Supply Chains, Simon Bailey, Jennifer Loveland, Geraint John, 16 March 2021
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