Digital Commerce 360: The B2B Marketplace Report

There are two certainties regarding the future of B2B marketplaces. One certainty is that marketplaces of all kinds—including commercial platforms that digitally link together business buyers and sellers—emerged this year as a mainstream digital commerce sales channel and growth driver.


The other certainty is that the speed at which B2B marketplaces are growing and proliferating is in large measure driven by the sea change COVID-19 continues to have on business-to-business ecommerce.


The B2B Marketplace Report looks in-depth at the trends and data driving growth in B2B marketplaces including exclusive projections by Digital Commerce 360 on the size of the U.S. B2B Marketplace market.


The report explains how and why B2B buyers of all sizes are turning to marketplaces to purchase products and services no longer available through traditional sales channels, and it reveals why digital business is booming on rapidly expanding commercial and industry marketplaces.


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