TEC: Bamboo Rose is Ready for the Economy to Come Roaring Back

Over the past year, Bamboo Rose has increased its offerings and capabilities to assist retailers in adjusting their business models to adapt to the pandemic and stand up new brands.
In a recent interview with TEC, Bamboo Rose CEO Sue Welch discussed the importance of extended global trade management (GTM) capabilities, data intelligence, and agile e-commerce channels to ensure retailers thrive during and after the pandemic.
“In general, our clients are looking for data intelligence capabilities that are easy to adopt and sensitive to specific business challenges in the market,” Welch told TEC. “For instance, costing and the ability to understand what a product should cost based on the components, labor, etc.”
Bamboo Rose’s Should Cost capabilities are a crucial addition to the Bamboo Rose platform that leverages historic purchasing information and current material and component costs to calculate the expected cost of a product and graphically compares this number with available supplier offers.
Should Cost and other capabilities such as Supplier Recommendation are designed to help retailers quickly and profitably stand up new brands, adopt private brands, and increase product offerings while cutting unnecessary costs.
Read the full article here to find out how Bamboo Rose is supporting retailers amidst rapid market changes.