Retail Infosystems: Effective Order Management Is Vital to Ongoing Retail Success

RIS recently interviewed Bamboo Rose CEO Sue Welch on the importance of order management solutions for retailers looking to cut costs, increase operational efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction during the pandemic and throughout the era of ecommerce.


“Much of the retail industry was caught flat footed by pandemic-driven supply chain disruption and shifting customer preferences in 2020,” Welch told RIS. “We’re seeing the market show an increased interest in global trade and supply chain digitization and visibility to support fast, confident decision making in hours and minutes — not days or weeks.”


Welch explained that a robust supply chain strategy does more than boost cost optimization – it can be a real differentiator for businesses that has a notable impact on customer experience and profit margins.


“Over the last 12 months, our most successful clients worked closely and transparently with their supplier base to secure inventory and weather the pandemic together last spring,” Welch said.


Leveraging supply chain visibility to support speed and efficiency in ecommerce can help to ensure customers get exactly what they want when they want it.


“Executive teams and boards are realizing that to be successful in this era of business, there must be tight integration of internal enterprise applications and close, digital collaboration with industry business partners at all phases of the value chain,” said Welch. “It is only through this community-driven, end-to-end view of operations that retailers can achieve the agility they need to keep pace with fast changing consumer trends and buying channel expectations.”

Check out the full interview for insights on how upgrading to a next-gen order management solution can help retailers meet consumer expectations and save organizations time and money at every step of the supply chain.