Bamboo Rose Rethinks Product Costing and Supplier Collaboration to Support New Sustainability and Supply Chain Initiatives

New capabilities automate key tasks and deliver real-time insight and recommended action as clients keep pace with supply chain disruptions and market shifts.

BOSTON – April 21, 2021
– Bamboo Rose, the Boston-based Multi-Enterprise Platform connecting clients with industry business partners involved in global sourcing and supply chain management, today announced new data intelligence capabilities that help clients to make faster, more informed business decisions as they grapple with supply chain disruptions and emerging sustainability regulations.


Bamboo Rose Should Cost Analysis uses historic purchasing information and current material and component costs to calculate the expected cost of a product and graphically compare this with available supplier offers. This analysis helps buyers determine whether offers are reasonable and identify cost outliers to negotiate better margins and ensure quality levels meet consumer expectations. This functionality will help product and sourcing teams quickly simulate and understand the financial impact of emerging sustainability regulations and requirements across geographies.


Supplier Recommendation identifies and recommends suppliers most equipped to support product requirements against a range of configurable business criteria. This tool analyzes production capabilities, past win rate, audit performance, sustainability metrics, transportation costs, and risk exposure to deliver a recommendation for the optimal vendor partner. Supplier Recommendation gives buyers full visibility into their suppliers’ offerings and limitations for more efficient and better-informed decision-making.


As part of this release, Bamboo Rose is also enhancing its automation tools to increase process efficiency, improve data quality, and cut down on administrative costs. In the context of food and formulation development, new mass copy capabilities enable retailers to quickly kickoff Range Extension, Size Extension, and Reformulation efforts by automatically copying relevant information from existing product records and setting up workflows for users to undertake required activities.


In a continued effort to drive value for all members of the supply chain community, Bamboo Rose has also launched Supplier Insights to help suppliers understand how their products perform in the Bamboo Rose Marketplace. The feature helps suppliers streamline sales and marketing activities within a digital sales channel by fine-tuning their products based on platform data to meet buyer expectations and deepen strategic relationships.


Major changes in the market over the last year have refocused client priorities around driving agility and resilience to environmental and geopolitical market shifts through process automation and business-driven data intelligence tools. These platform developments reflect Bamboo Rose’s commitment to driving active decision support for business users through analysis of historic and real time data in the context of industry business challenges and imperatives.


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