Bamboo Rose Named USFIA Innovation Partner for 2018

February 8, 2018


The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) is partnering with Bamboo Rose as its innovation partner for supply chain management for 2018. Bamboo Rose will help deliver critical information and best practice advice to global brands and retailers, as well as innovative educational and networking events to help advance the industry.


Bamboo Rose offers the only end-to-end product innovation platform that combines a digital B2B Marketplace, intelligent Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Sourcing, Purchase Order, Global Trade Management (GTM), and Sales Order solutions. The company helps retailers and suppliers simplify the product creation and delivery process to bring great products to market faster, more efficiently, and at higher margins.


Bamboo Rose will work collaboratively with the USFIA to support our mission and activities while helping keep members informed about key PLM, sourcing, global trade management, and supply chain issues.


“Bamboo Rose helps retailers cross the chasm to this new, digital, retail economy. Our deep supply chain experience will allow us to offer USFIA members valuable resources to help them transform and streamline their supply chains,” said Sue Welch, CEO of Bamboo Rose.


“Bamboo Rose is a leader in helping retailers achieve new levels of innovation and creativity throughout their supply chains,” said Julia K. Hughes, President of USFIA. “We’re thrilled to be tapping into their deep retail experience as our Innovation Partner this year and look forward to the unique insights they will provide our members.”


In 2018, Bamboo Rose will provide insights into topics such as:


Hybrid blockchain in the supply chain


Case studies: One source of truth for supply chain visibility


What is n-way match in payment processing?


Quality control and supplier compliance trends

Additionally, Bamboo Rose will be an active participant in USFIA’s webinars and industry events throughout the year. And save the date for the USFIA Washington Trade Symposium on July 12th, and stay tuned for announcements about upcoming webinars, including our first one on blockchain on March 22nd.


USFIA’s partners support us in our mission while helping us amplify the industry’s voice on the critical issues and keep our members informed about the regulatory challenges of today and tomorrow. For more information on our partners for 2018, visit

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