Bamboo Rose digitizes product development by enabling retailers to plug ‘cool tools’ into platform

Bamboo Rose platform expands to include 3-D design, augmented reality, machine learning


BOSTON – December 19, 2017 – Bamboo Rose today announced an expansion to its retail community platform that drives new functionality, allowing retailers to plug-in various “cool tools” – new and innovative technology and services, such as 3-D design, augmented reality and machine learning.


“Retailers shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into one cool tool from a single vendor,” said Sue Welch, CEO of Bamboo Rose. “Bamboo Rose lets anyone plug into our platform, and we also provide scalability – you can choose one plug-in today and another in six months – letting you grow at the pace that makes sense for you. We’re focused on digitizing more of retailers’ and brands’ backend processes so we can spur innovation and collaboration within our expanded platform, and ultimately help them compete in a fast-paced industry.”


Retailers need the flexibility to integrate various technologies into their product development cycle to support activities like digital sample management, virtual product rendering, image recognition and color palette generation. By plugging in all the latest and coolest technology, customers can see significant savings; for example, virtual showrooms and 3-D renderings during the sampling phase can reduce overseas trips and sampling by 75 percent, cut months out of product design cycles and increase collaboration. Embedding machine learning allows Bamboo Rose to automatically recommend supplier matches for product development based on dozens of criteria, such as user behavior, collaboration sentiments, geography and capacity commitments, and not just on past performance. With color recognition integrated into the process, the platform can automatically assess a batch of photos from a shopping trip and use image recognition to create a color palette as a starting point for product design.


Bamboo Rose is providing vendor-agnostic capabilities through seamless integration to – and expansion of – its retail community platform, giving retailers and brands the functionality to select multiple plug-ins at once. Other product lifecycle management (PLM) and Marketplace platforms limit retailers to one cool tool at a time and tend to align themselves with one provider instead of allowing retailers the freedom to choose.


“Too often, the firehose of cool tools are tested in multiple siloed use cases that don’t connect to the organization’s mainstream core capabilities, which makes if difficult to understand ROI and roll out across an organization. Our goal is to provide pragmatic, practical accessibility that drives innovation,” said Welch. “That means delivering an end-to-end platform that doesn’t just jump on the latest trend, but develops business use cases that provide measurable value through the entire buying process.”


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