Multi-Enterprise Product & Supply Chain Platform

Working together with the global retail community to bring products to market faster

The Bamboo Rose multi-enterprise product and supply chain platform connects the entire retail community through the product creation process. The platform comprises all internal and external processes of supply chain management, including a B2B marketplace and solutions for PLM, PO management, global trade management, and financing.

All users—from designers and retailers to suppliers and carriers—can operate on a single connection and communicate simultaneously in real time.

End-to-End Innovation for
Global Supply Chain

  • One platform for all partners involved in product design, development, and delivery
  • Most scalable and secure solution for high volume transactions
  • End-to-end capabilities for all product design and supply chain management
  • Content and business services for financing, inspection, freight forwarding, and transportation
  • Real-time visibility, dynamic costing, and trade risk mitigation
Meet the Product and Supply Chain Community