Global Trade Management

Streamline with Global Trade Management (GTM) Software for retailers

With Bamboo Rose, retailers, suppliers, freight forwarders, carriers, customs brokers, and banks have a single unified view of their financial, logistics and compliance information across the supply chain. Our solution integrates quality control, supplier compliance, import, export, supply chain, customs, and finance. Our deep regulatory and country-specific intelligence is embedded into the platform, providing a worldwide, centralized solution that helps mitigate supply chain and compliance risk.


Reduce time spent on manually logging logistics information

Streamline process for creating documents and tracking milestones

Manage financial processes faster and with less room for error

Automate quality compliance standards for products and facilities

Quality Control & Supplier Compliance
Quality Control & Supplier Compliance
  • Bamboo Rose intelligence automates testing based on product, material, and market attributes and records results from internal or external labs for traceability.
  • Reduce the risk of product quality and safety issues by providing continuous alerting and exception management as QA/QC issues arise.
  • Bamboo Rose helps protect your brand by monitoring whether all trading partners are in compliance with regulatory requirements, including REACH, CPSIA, RoHS, and others.
  • Bamboo Rose manages social and ethical compliance through scheduled factory audits, inspections, and corrective action plans, all in one platform.
  • Get complete control over commercial and customer invoices, duty, freight, and other service costs.
  • Bamboo Rose reduces your payment processing costs by ensuring PO and invoice accuracy with a full N-way match.
  • Integrate with financial institutions and ERP systems to seamlessly handle currency conversions, hedging, and payment processing.
  • Generate ELC and ALC comparisons to control costs and margins.
Supply Chain Visibility
Supply Chain Visibility
  • Complete supply chain and logistics management; Get complete supply chain visibility – in production, in transit, through receipt, and at DCs.
  • Reduce complexity and optimize by using one platform to connect importers and exporters with overseas suppliers, logistics providers, brokers, carriers, and finance institutions. Use Predictive Analytics to reduce risk.
  • Get products to DCs without delays or errors through UCC standard carton labeling.
  • Easily access harmonized tariff schedules for pre-classification and duty calculations.
Bamboo Rose is the only Global Trade Management system used by the GPC sourcing office and our corporate subsidiaries. The system has greatly enhanced accuracy, communication, and visibility within our international supply chain.
—Phil Hekman, Director of Global Sourcing, Genuine Parts Company
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