Global Sourcing for Retailers and Manufacturers

Collaborate, Sample, and Source Across Global Suppliers 24/7

Bamboo Rose Digital Sourcing unifies the global sourcing process for retailers and manufacturers. With Bamboo Rose, companies can: plan and source across channels, initiate requests for quote, analyze costs, compare bids, selectively share information with suppliers, and even complete negotiations – all in one intelligent platform. Organizations can lock down factory capacity, understand and manage consumption and liabilities, and effortlessly track production status.


Reduce time to market and sampling costs using a global digital sourcing platform that seamlessly connects retailers, brands, and suppliers globally

Drill into the financial impact of designs, materials, assortments, and review against plans to achieve margin targets at the department, banner, or company level

Increase efficiency and improve margins with online comparison of quotes and negotiations with suppliers

  • Create Buy Program for SKU intensive categories and negotiate entire programs with suppliers.
Any Market Pricing and Sourcing
Any Market Pricing and Sourcing
  • Get a complete picture of estimated landing costs, including components and variations.
  • See ‘What if’ and ‘Should’ costing and analysis at the component, material, style, product, market, and channel levels.
  • View cost comparisons and recommendations for products destined for any geography, channel, franchise, or customer.
Quality Control and Supplier Management
Quality Control and Supplier Management
  • Keep all your product testing, inspection, factory compliance, and regulations data in one place.
  • Bamboo Rose intelligence requests the right test for the right products for you.
  • Bamboo Rose intelligence ensures you are using the proper regulatory and customs documentation.
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