Food & Formulation

Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform for Food and Formulation

The Bamboo Rose Multi Enterprise Platform for Food and Formulation connects retailers, manufacturers, and supply chain partners to discover, develop and deliver products faster and at higher margins.

Helping retailers ideate and develop market differentiating private brand products.

In today’s fast-paced retail industry, grocers, hypermarkets and supermarkets need a wide assortment of new and innovative items that catch the consumers' eye. They need to create great private brand products that can be delivered to the market quickly and on cost. And they need to digitize their business processes to allow for faster and more efficient sourcing, order management, and global trade management.
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The Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform for Food and Formulation Supports

Ideation and Business Case
Sift through hundreds of product ideas to find the exact product, or range of products, that align with strategic initiatives, brand standards, and financial forecasts.
Ingredients Library
Access a centralized ingredients library of all recipe profiles and ensure product data remains consistent across food products; create an automated checks-and-balance system around allergen labeling and regulatory compliance.
Recipe and Formula Management
Collaborate with suppliers on product formulation and establish proper recipe processes with product developers, sourcing teams, and quality stakeholders; assess products to ensure they meet required compliance specifications.
Claims Management
Evolving customer expectations and regulatory requirements are placing additional pressure on retailers to maintain compliance against ranging claims standards. Use third-party content integrations that support certified food claims (i.e., non-GMO, organic, pesticide-free) to reduce risk.
Compliance and Quality Management
Analyze product recipes, ingredients, and packaged final products against regulatory requirements; assess whether products meet sensory requirements against brand standards.
Vendor Management
Manage the RFQ process with potential vendor partners and assess suppliers for manufacturing capability and compliance; foster deeper relationships with selected sourcing partners by establishing clear brand and claims standards.
Packaging and Label Management
Ensure product labels contain the correct nutritional facts, ingredients, and allergen information per respective market; create compelling packaging copy and reduce potential errors through user collaboration.
Purchase Order and Global Trade Management
Leverage real time visibility into supply chain logistics to stabilize inventories, lower safety stock, and reduce spoilage. Purchase order management capability allows retailers to continuously assess and improve vendor performance and understand the complete landed cost of goods.
Together, we will streamline our product development process and ensuring we deliver the highest quality, innovative products to our consumers with speed and traceability. Our goal is to drive a more modern, collaborative approach throughout our organization and vendor community.
—Ian Gordon, Loblaw Brands Senior Vice President

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