Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Integrate ESG into operations from product design to packaging and disposal

Bamboo Rose provides ESG support across business processes so retailers can maintain profitability while launching quantifiable sustainability initiatives.
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The Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform empowers retailers and manufacturers with the data and analytics tools to drive community ESG compliance, incorporate sustainable materials and ingredients into their products, and measure the impact of supply chain operations and disposal processes on their carbon footprint, water usage, and material waste.


Select ideal partners based on hybrid ESG and business performance criteria

Trace products through the supply chain to support responsible sourcing and traceability

Track, report, and continually improve performance against emergent ESG metrics

Leverage Materials Management capabilities to decrease waste and incorporate sustainable materials into products

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Source sustainable products
Source sustainable products
  • Discover the suppliers best equipped to support your product requirements against a range of business criteria, including ESG metrics
  • Incorporate higher percentages of sustainable materials into products and reduce material wastage
  • Drive upstream supply chain visibility across several tiers of partners and tap into ESG inspection services to monitor non-conformance
Move beyond ESG compliance
Move beyond ESG compliance
  • Develop products and packaging that support consumer, partner, and employee safety & health
  • Generate transparent and compliant labeling for product ingredients and materials
  • Reduce risk and drive consumer transparency through supply chain traceability
  • Capture and benchmark the environmental impact of your production and supply chain through audits and intelligent engines
Cut costs & waste throughout the product lifecycle
Cut costs & waste throughout the product lifecycle
  • Reduce the cost and material waste of physical sampling during the buying process via digital iteration
  • Cut down on travel and emissions associated with overseas buying trips through digital supplier collaboration
  • Accurately assess the landed cost of sustainable products through Should Cost Analysis capabilities to maintain margins
“We chose Bamboo Rose because we needed the agility while maintaining 100% traceability of our supply chain.”
—Product Manager, Large European Fashion Retailer
Stay ahead of the curve with new ESG initiatives that differentiate your brand with consumers and anticipate impending regulatory requirements. Download our white paper to find out how.
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