Imagine being able to handle all this in one place. We did. And then we created Bamboo Rose.


Get a head start on orders, even if you haven’t finalized everything in your plan.

Choose which products or markets you need to start orders for, then adjust as you go.


Receive and process Franchisee and Sales orders directly from your Showrooms.

Align sales orders to purchase and production orders to maximize fulfillment and meet demand.

Automate order updates to alert everyone on deliveries and delays.

Make last minute updates and change or move delivery dates, transportation and destinations.
Since we’ve gone live, we’ve been impressed how information is now literally at our fingertips. We now have visibility to all the relevant information on all aspects of the development and production cycle and we look forward to what the next phase will bring.
—Mike Restaino, Vice President of Sourcing, Design and Operations, Belk, Inc.


Review, compare and plan supplier capacity.

Manage supplier and factory allocations.


Create shared work-in-progress calendars so everyone gets status updates with less confusion.

Setup automatic alerts to keep everyone in the loop on potential issues while you still have time to fix them.

Collaborate on and evaluate samples in real-time.


Get products to store shelves without delays or errors through UCC standard carton labeling.

Access harmonized tariff schedules.


Get complete control over commercial and customer invoices, duty, freight and other services costs.

Ensure invoice accuracy through a full 5-way match.

Generate ELC and ALC comparisons.

Integrate with internal finance systems for okay-to-pay approvals and chargebacks.