Bamboo Rose Marketplace For Suppliers

Improve collaboration with supplier management solutions

Bamboo Rose Marketplace provides a single platform where suppliers can share their showrooms with retailers – resulting in greater collaboration on product ideas, decreased sampling costs, and faster time to market.


Sell more by creating virtual showrooms and making your products available to buyers 24/7

Lower your cost of sales by collecting more customer orders on a single platform

Collaborate With Retailers 24/7
Collaborate With Retailers 24/7
  • Visually understand ideas and concepts that buyers are looking for and receive feedback from buyers early in the design cycle.
  • Show a broader range of available samples digitally.
  • Reduce cost of sample requests and set up for buyer trips.
Provide Virtual Showrooms To Retailers
Provide Virtual Showrooms To Retailers
  • Keep a digital inventory of all products ordered.
  • Maintain a system of record and track trending patterns for ordered products.
  • Market relevant products to retailers and display a range of inventory.
Supply Virtual Showrooms To Wholesalers
Supply Virtual Showrooms To Wholesalers
  • Show more products in real-time to increase sales.
  • Gather customer ratings and feedback.
  • Quickly adjust product lines to meet market demands.
  • Cater to unplanned business opportunities and new market trends.
The most important benefit is that our merchants are able to focus more on product, developing and creating a great assortment rather than managing systems.
—Michael Rempell, SVP Supply Chain Officer, American Eagle Outfitters
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Find out how Bamboo Rose Marketplace can help you work the way your customers shop. Capture and share product ideas with your teams. Create digital storyboards and collaborate with suppliers more efficiently across time zones.

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