Bamboo Rose Marketplace For Retailers

Retail manager and merchandise planning software

Bamboo Rose Marketplace is the one place for retailers to develop designs, share them with suppliers, lower sampling costs, and easily shop and compare products across suppliers.


Go mobile on the Marketplace to shop competitors, shop suppliers, and share ideas and products with teams around the world

Get products to market 45 - 60 days faster by sharing ideas and collaborating on a single platform

Shop and compare 1000's of products 24/7. Reduce sampling and costs. Get products to market on time and on trend.

Capture and Share Inspiration
Capture and Share Inspiration
  • With Bamboo Rose Marketplace, you can capture and share ideas, trends, and designs with internal teams on a single platform — on-the-go to:
  • Maintain a digital system of record for all product planning details.
  • Spend more time creating products that are on trend to meet consumer demand.
Collaborate With Internal Teams
Collaborate With Internal Teams
  • Say goodbye to the days of lengthy meetings followed up by emails and excel spreadsheets, allowing you to:
  • Manage assortment planning & significantly improve collaboration with internal teams in one digital interface.
  • Capture early insights and feedback to align assortment strategy.
Access Your Suppliers 24/7
Access Your Suppliers 24/7
  • Bamboo Rose Marketplace acts as a single platform where retailers can interact with their global suppliers to:
  • Collaborate on design ideas to produce rapid prototypes and validate concepts.
  • Significantly reduce cost and time spent on overseas buying trips.
  • Improve product quality by identifying issues earlier in the production cycle.
Shop Virtual Showrooms
Shop Virtual Showrooms
  • Shop digital showrooms stocked by suppliers, allowing you to:
  • Get an early look at products without going overseas for a buying trip.
  • Narrow which products to see on buying trips you do take.
  • Reduce the number of physical samples needed.

Wholesalers and Franchisees - Sell To Your Customers

For wholesalers and franchisee companies, Bamboo Rose allows you to sell more and collaborate with your customers. By creating digital master showrooms, you can increase your top line sales by inviting your customers to view your product assortment, provide early feedback, and place orders.

The exciting thing about Bamboo Rose is the ability it gives us to communicate organically with our team – and ultimately – our entire network. The design of the Bamboo Rose Marketplace is so intuitive, it allows me to focus on the more fun and creative aspects of my job versus the process.
—Adidas Designer
For Suppliers

Find out how Bamboo Rose Marketplace connects a community of retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers to help suppliers collaborate with customers virtually, create virtual showrooms, and collect customer orders.

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